Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer?
We offer memberships curated to help members acquire limited sneaker & streetwear releases to maximize reselling profits.
What is the Basic membership?
The Basic membership is always available for $3/month. In addition to tutorials for popular brands and products the Basic membership allows access to view release calendars. These release calendars provide release links, and resell predictions for all upcoming sneaker and streetwear releases. The Basic membership also offers daily email updates which you can sign up for at the bottom of the "Release Calendar" page. Click here to purchase!
What is the Premium Cook Group membership?
Due to high demand, the Premium Cook Group membership is available for purchase by invite only. To join the waiting list, click here. Once selected, you'll receive an invitation to purchase via email and Instagram DM. The Premium Cook Group membership is a group on Discord that helps secure all limited releases. This is done through restock monitors, early links, free slots/carts, bot rentals, in-depth release guides, tutorials, bot/manual support, group buys, and more!
What are restock monitors?
Restock monitors notify discord members whenever an item is released or restocked. Our restock monitors are powered by GUAP.
How do I subscribe?
First create a website account by going to the "My Account" page. Then go to the "Memberships" page. Fill in the required information. Make sure the email used remain consistent. The Paypal email used doesn't matter. 
What forms of payment are available?
When do I get charged?
When you subscribe to the membership you are charged at that moment as well as every month on that date. 
Can I cancel my membership?
Memberships can be canceled at anytime by simply going to your "account" page. Press "cancel" only once to avoid recurring payments. Press "cancel twice" to terminate your membership immediately. 
Can't login after subscribing?
If for some reason you can't login after subscribing then create a new website account with the same email that was used to subscribe. 
How do I change my password?
Before logging in, go to the "My Account" page and press "Forgot Password". Follow the instructions provided to reset your password. 
What is our privacy policy?
We will never share your information with any third party. View the full privacy policy here.