Supreme SS19 Week 9 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release online and in store on
April 25th, 2019. 
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Make sure to read resell thoughts at the bottom!
Leather Blazer
Retail: $568
Resell: None
Spider Web Quilted Work Jacket
Retail: ~$198
Resell: None
Retail: $428
Resell: None
Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $598
Resell: $1450 - $1850
Contrast Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $158
Resell: None
Barbed Wire Moto Jersey
Retail: $138
Resell: None
Cherry Rayon S/S Shirt
Retail: $138
Resell: $160 - $190
Signature Script Logo L/S Pocket Tee
Retail: $110
Resell: None
Drill Ringer
Retail: $88
Resell: None
Swarovski Box Logo T-Shirt
Retail: $398
Resell: $850 - $1150
Cargo Short
Retail: $128
Resell: None
Barbed Wire Athletic Short
Retail: $118
Resell: None
Lenticular Logo Camp Cap
Retail: $54
Resell: None
Raised Logo 6-Panel
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Tote Backpack
Retail: $148
Resell: $175 - $205
Utility Pouch
Retail: $40
Resell: $70 - $100
Victorinox Classic Alox Knife
Retail: $54
Resell: $65 - $80
ENO DoubleNest Hammock
Retail: $188
Resell: $215 - $245
Resell Thoughts
Supreme celebrates their 25th anniversary this week and it is highlighted by the Swarovski box logos. These are very limited and will flip for double retail and more. They are available in fewer colors than seasonal box logos which will only help their resell value. Expect the tonal colors to flip for less than the red on grey/navy/white. Regarding the rest of the droplist, the hammock and poncho are nice pieces but with a lot higher retails than initially expected, don't expect them to flip. The knifes are US only and while they drop often they have fairly high demand and sell out easily. They won't yield a large profit but expect around $10-$20 profit. Expect the utility pouch to flip for around double retail. Overall the box logos are the main items and are very limited so don't be surprised if the hoodie hits $2,000 and the tee nears $1500. After the box logos the utility pouch will be the best item. Good luck!