Supreme SS19 Week 3 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release online and in store on
March 14th, 2019. 
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Make sure to read resell thoughts at the bottom!
Stone Island Silk Light Jacket
Retail: $998
Resell: None
Stone Island Riot Mask Camo Jacket
Retail: $648
Resell: $675 - $725
Stone Island Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $328
Resell: $365 - $405
Stone Island Pocket Tee
Retail: $128
Resell: $150 - $190
Stone Island Camo Cargo Vest
Retail: $398
Resell: $410 - $440
Stone Island Camo Cargo Pant
Retail: $348
Resell: None

Stone Island Silk Light Pant
Retail: $318
Resell: None
Stone Island Sweatshort
Retail: $228
Resell: $265 - $305
Stone Island Camo Backpack
Retail: $298
Resell: $315 - $340
Stone Island Camo Boonie
Retail: $78
Resell: None
Stone Island Silk Light 6-Panel
Retail: $66
Resell: None
Wolf Fleece Jacket
Retail: $198
Resell: $225 - $295
Warm Up Crewneck
Retail: $138
Resell: $155 - $175
Plaid Flannel Shirt
Retail: $118
Resell: None
Guadalupe S/S Shirt
Retail: $128
Resell: None
AWOL Football Top
Retail: $78
Resell: None
Chest Stripe Logo S/S Top
Retail: $88
Resell: None
Stack Logo Tee
Retail: $78
Resell: None
2-Tone Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Rope Corduroy Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Felt Logo Beanie
Retail: $36
Resell: $45 - $60
Meissen Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine
Retail: $3998
Resell: $5000 - $6500+, VERY RISKY
Resell Thoughts
After a lot of confusion over what's dropping, the final droplist is looking solid in terms of resell. This weeks collaboration with Stone Island is one that has been anticipated for some time now. Their last collaboration was in FW17 and for those that remember, majority of the items didn't flip for much due to high retails. Items were hovering just over retail besides the floral puffy jacket which eventually fell under retail. Expect similar margins from this collab as most items will return $35 - $85 in profit. The most profitable items from the Stone Island collab will be the hoodie, shorts, and t-shirt. The rest of the items either don't have much demand such as the hats or are too expensive, leaving little to no room for profit. Initially after the drop, the hoodie will most likely do the best while the shorts will increase in value as the weather warms up. A few items I recommend staying away from would be the silk jacket, silk pants, cargo pants, and the hats. In terms of the lookbook items, there are a few profitable items. The main item is the wolf fleece jacket which will do very well since retail is relatively low and it has been very anticipated since the lookbook dropped. The warm up crewneck has loud branding which is good but will be overshadowed by the Stone Island collab and better lookbook items however, size small in neutral colors will do fine. Lastly, the porcelain cupid figure is an interesting item. It is very limited and there is a market for vintage porcelain cupid figures with some selling for upwards of $100,000 at auctions. With preorder bids starting at $5500 as well as how limited it will be, expect a large return. This is also very risky as Supreme's audience isn't interested in buying expensive items like this. Overall, there is definitely a lot of money to be made this week especially for those going in store. If you can only go for one item I recommend going for the wolf fleece jacket.