Supreme SS19 Week 2 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release Online and Instore on
March 7th, 2019. 
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Make sure to read resell thoughts at the bottom!
Vanson Leathers Ghost Rider Jacket
Retail: $1598
Resell: None
Stars Puffy Jacket
Retail: $198
Resell: None
Zip Car Jacket
Retail: $228
Resell: None
S Logo Colorblocked Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $168
Resell: $200 - $240
Marble Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $148
Resell: None
Le Luxe Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $148
Resell: $165 - $200
Stripe Twill Shirt
Retail: $128
Resell: None
Ghost Rider Raglan L/S Top
Retail: $110
Resell: $125 - $140
Needlepoint Patch L/S Top
Retail: $98
Resell: None
Cloud Arc Tee
Retail: $78
Resell: $85 - $100
Vanson Leathers Ghost Rider Pant
Retail: $1098
Resell: None
S Logo Colorblocked Sweatshort
Retail: $128
Resell: $150 - $190
Blood Lust Mesh Back 5-Panel
Retail: $40
Resell: None
Washed Linen Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: $55- $65
Tonal Logo Beanie
Retail: $32
Resell: None
Penco Tape Measure
Retail: $38
Resell: $55 - $70
Retail: $6
Resell: $20 - $35
Supreme/Timberland 3-Eye Classic Lug Shoe
Retail: $188
Resell: None
Resell Thoughts
After a very profitable week 1, week 2 isn't looking the best. The most hyped item is probably the Band-Aids and like majority of accessories, they will be over produced. They are very cheap and there is high demand for them but don't expect to make much since the market will be over-saturated with sellers. This is the second time they release a tape measure but this time with smaller branding. It is definitely a collector's piece but don't expect it to resell for much similar to the first tape measure when it released. Out of the clothing, the s logo hoodie and shorts stand out but the color blocking isn't the most popular. The black is definitely the most wearable and as always size small is the best for clothing followed by xtra large. The shorts will most likely be worth more in a few months as the weather warms up. The only other piece of clothing worth mentioning would be the Le Luxe hoodie. It can be compared to the trademark hoodie from last season which did well in the aftermarket in select colors and sizes. Expect natural to do the best but the rest of the colors should also do well in size small. Overall, not the best week for reselling but there is still a few pieces worth grabbing.