Supreme SS19 Week 13 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release online and in store on
May 23rd, 2019. 
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Make sure to read resell thoughts at the bottom!
Supreme/Nike Collaboration
Water Resistant Nylon Hooded Sport Jacket
Retail: $248
Resell: $270 - $310
Cotton Blend Stripe Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $138
Resell: $150 - $175
Acrylic Jacquard Swoosh Sweater
Retail: $148
Resell: $220 - $290
Water Resistant Nylon Warm Up Pant
Retail: $138
Resell: $150 - $170
Cotton Blend Stripe Sweatpant
Retail: $138
Resell: $150 - $170
Water Resistant Nylon Shoulder Bag
Retail: $45
Resell: $70 - $85
Lookbook Items
Plaid Suit
Retail: $598
Resell: None
Reversible Patchwork Quilted Jacket
Retail: $218
Resell: $255 - $305
Motherfucker Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $158
Resell: None
Plaid Rayon Shirt
Retail: $138
Resell: None
Zip Up S/S Work Shirt
Retail: $128
Resell: None
Damask L/S Top
Retail: $110
Resell: None
Gold Bars Tee
Retail: $78
Resell: $90 - $115
Logo Stripe S/S Top
Retail: $88
Resell: None
Glitter Terry Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Cordura Script Logo 6-Panel
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Racing New Era
Retail: $68
Resell: None
Pelican 3310PL Flashlight
Retail: $48
Resell: $55 - $65
Resell Thoughts
This week is highlighted by the Nike collection. The best item this week in terms of resell will be the swoosh sweater without a doubt. Expect all colors to flip but the white will do the best. The sport jacket is also popular specifically in silver but with a retail of $248 I don't see it flipping for a lot as it is summer time. The rest of the Nike collection will hover at or just above retail besides the shoulder bag which should resell for around $70. While it isn't the most popular design it isn't often that Supreme releases a $45 shoulder bag. In terms of the lookbook items they are mostly personals but the two items that have potential to flip are the patchwork jacket and the gold bars tee. While the flashlight is a nice accessory they are overproduced and will brick. Good luck!