Supreme SS19 Week 0 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release INSTORE ONLY on
February 21st, 2019.
Due to the release being instore only this will be more of a summary then individual resell predictions. Also because of the fact that the release is instore only, majority of the items have aftermarket value. I recommend taking preorders or selling to buyers outside of the store. A few items that WON'T flip are:
- Fuzzy Pile Trucker Jacket
- Taped Seam Jacket
- Piping Track Jacket
- Dress Shirts
All of the hoodies and tees will be easy to move as well as the accessories. Size small always resells for the most however, it should be noted that size xtra large has been up there for the last season or so. With a lot of colors for the tees and hoodies, wearable colors like black, grey, and white are the safest to go with. All of the bags will be worth grabbing. Unless you have a preorder for it, I don't recommend buying the duffle bag to flip as they have been doing very bad the past few seasons. In terms of color for the bags, red and blue seem to be the most wanted. The airbrush skateboards will resell for the most out of the decks. I don't recommend buying any of the hats or beanies to flip. Don't sleep on the formula sweatsuit in the natural color! Overall, majority of the items have value and there is a lot of money to be made. I recommend selling everything before Monday since the online drop is on Monday and therefore the market will be flooded.