Supreme FW18 Week 9 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release instore and online on
October 18th, 2018. 
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The North Face Collaboration
Leather Mountain Parka
Retail: $1098
Resell: $1200 - $1350

Leather Mountain Waist Bag
Retail: $198
Resell: $215 - $230

Leather Shoulder Bag
Retail: $118
Resell: Resell: $160 - $190

Leather 6-Panel Hat
Retail: $88
Resell: None

Lookbook Items
NY Reversible Puffy Jacket
Retail: $198
Resell: $225 - $255

Menace Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $148
Resell: $160 - $180

S Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $168
Resell: $190 - $225

S Logo Sweatpant
Retail: $158
Resell: $170 - $200

Shadow Plaid Flannel Shirt
Retail: $118
Resell: None

Salome L/S Top
Retail: $110
Resell: None

Salome Pant
Retail: $128
Resell: None

Nouveau Logo Tee
Retail: $78
Resell: $85 - $95

Playboy Pocket Tee
Retail: $78
Resell: $85 - $100

Velvet Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None

New Era Arc Logo Beanie
Retail: $38
Resell: None

Rose Jacquard Beanie
Retail: $36
Resell: None

Inflatable Chair
Retail: $288
Resell: $300 - $325
Resell Thoughts
In terms of items releasing, this is probably one of the better weeks of the season thus far. Unfortunately, the high retail prices will kill most resell opportunities this week. The inflatable chair is one of the most hyped accessories of the season but with such a high retail price don't be surprised if it goes for less than retail in the aftermarket. The only lookbook piece that should do well is the s logo hoodie especially in the natural and green color. As always size small is the best size when it comes to clothing. While The North Face collection is nice and majority of people like it, the retail prices are way too high. The only item I see reselling for a decent amount is the shoulder bag. Expect The North Face pieces to be limited so if you can afford to hold then it should be worth it. Overall, I recommend going with the s logo hoodie and shoulder bag if you are reselling. There will be another TNF collab this season with cheaper and better items.