Supreme FW18 Week 13 Resell Predictions

The following items are set to release instore and online on
November 15th, 2018. 
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Stripe Panel Down Jacket 
Retail: $258
Resell: $275 - $295

Corduroy Patchwork Denim Jacket
Retail: $248
Resell: $265 - $305
Reflective Text Track Jacket 
Retail: $198
Resell: None
Track Half Zip Pullover 
Retail: $118
Resell: None
Chainstitch Hooded Sweatshirt 
Retail: $168 
Resell: None
Polartec Small Box Crewneck Sweatshirt 
Retail: $138
Resell: $150 - $165

Hooded Plaid Work Shirt
Retail: $138
Resell: None
NY Waffle Thermal 
Retail: $110
Resell: $135 - $165

Dream S/S Top
Retail: $98
Resell: None

NY Waffle Thermal Pant
Retail: $118
Resell: $150 - $190

Reflective Text Track Pant
Retail: $148
Resell: None

Reflective Text Stripe Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None

Polartec Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resell: None
Reflective Big Logo Beanie 
Retail: $40
Resell: $70 - $95
New Era Sequin Arc Logo Headband 
Retail: $32 
Resell: $55 - $70
Polartec Tote 
Retail: $98
Resell: $115 - $130
Tamiya Hornet RC Car 
Retail: $298
Resell: None
Cat In The Hat Skateboard (Pic via SupremeCommunity) 
Retail: $66 
Resell: $100 - $125
Resell Thoughts
Another solid week with multiple items expected to flip. To start, the corduroy patchwork denim jacket is a nice piece that is slept on. It was styled in the lookbook and with a decent retail price there is a good chance that it will do well. That is the only outerwear piece that should do well this week. The NY waffle thermal top and bottom are also dropping. Similar to the reversible jacket that released a few weeks ago, expect the white to do better than the black. I see the pants doing better than the top and I recommend size small as always for clothing. The rest of the clothing are nice personal pieces however, they won't flip. Moving on to the headwear. Last week Supreme dropped the box logo beanies and this week they are dropping the reflective big logo beanies. While they are not nearly as hyped, expect the reflective big logo beanies to do well due to the big branding, reflective design, and cold weather. Expect them to flip for around double retail price with black and red being the best colors. Expect the arc logo headbands to resell around $60 with yellow being the best color. Don't cop the RC car to resell as it will brick due to high retail. I don't recommend copping the polartec tote bag to resell as tote bags have never really flipped too well. While there have been no official images of the Cat in the Hat decks, expect them to flip for around $50 profit. Keep in mind shipping costs. Overall, the reflective big logo beanies, ny waffle pants, and decks will do the best in the aftermarket. There are a few sleeper pieces as mentioned however, cop at your own risk.