How to Cop Yeezys Manually (Yeezy Supply)

This method will allow you to purchase any items that release on Yeezy Supply, with a quick checkout time.

Written Instructions

- Use a computer, not mobile.

- Download Google Chrome.

- Sign into Gmail account.

Doing this lowers your chances of getting captcha by a lot.

Download Fillr chrome extension from the Google Chrome Store.

- Fill out information in Fillr and make sure to save all the info after filing it out.

- In Fillr, press the three dots in the top right corner.

- Click on PIN Settings.

- Uncheck the option for "PIN on for credit cards and passwords".

- Go to

- Add any item to cart.

- Fill out all information in the checkout page using Fillr.

- After you fill out your credit card information, bookmark the checkout page by clicking the star icon on the right side of the search bar.

- Go back to and delete the item from your cart.

- When an item is released, add it to cart, and then click on the bookmark you created to be redirected right to the final checkout page and bypass the queue.

- Skip to 1:50 for demonstration.

- Skip to 2:40 for live cop.

- DM @Tristatehype when you cook!