How to Cop Supreme Manually (Mobile)

Written Instructions

- Use an IPhone and Safari

- Open Settings

- Press "Safari"

- Press "Autofill"

- Press "Saved Credit Cards"

- Add credit card

- Open Safari

- Create or log in to a Gmail account

Doing this lowers your chances of getting captcha by a lot. The reason for this is because Supreme’s captcha is Google based so by signing into a Google account, Google recognizes that a human is using the computer and not a robot.

- Go to Supreme Web Shop

- Add any item to cart

- Fill out CORRECT billing/shipping information

- Check the "remember this address" box

- Enter RANDOM card info

- Check the terms box and press "Process Payment"

- Refresh the page, your shipping/billing info should be saved

- Skip to  for demonstration

- Make sure to have your CVV memorized

- DM @Tristatehype when you cook!